Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sickness

I remember a time when my family was healthy, when the sun shined, children smiled, and I could work out. Alas, this time is no more, we have been hit by the flu/colds and crappy gunk that gets in your body and won't leave you! I'm going on three weeks now of not running, walking, or doing anything remotely physical because anything physical makes my lungs burn, nose run, and causes an uncontrollable cough. Those of you that know me know this is a huge deal. I love to work out, it stabilizes me and makes me sane. So that's right, right now I'm and unstable insane woman with the cold from hell! The kids are not fairing much better. The girls were home sick last week and are currently limping along. S was strong for awhile, but now it seems he too has been overcome. While cuddling on the couch today he grabbed my hand in his little chubby baby hand and said, "Mama, I need you, I need you to help me, hold my hand." My heart melted right on the couch.

This is my plan for the day; forget about the laundry mountain overtaking the house, just sit on the couch, hold my little boy's hand, and try to remember a time when everyone was healthy.

Thanks for listening to me complain, we are a pathetic bunch right now!

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